Luna Optics Image Intensifiers Binoculars




Super compact and lightweight clip-on monocular

GEN-2+ high resolution intensifier tube

Manual image gain (brightness) control

Sturdy housing made of light alloys
Mounts directly onto the weaver/picatinny rail

Effective use for up to 10x daylight
device magnification

Special accessory sleeve prevents any
light dispertion

1x Image magnification with 40mm objective lens

Parallax adjustment wheel

Accessory rail allows mounting of various external IR illuminators

Our brand-new super compact clip-on monocular system is intended for application together with daylight optical devices, such as spotting scopes and sights, making it possible to observe objects in the twilight and at night. Special high-contrast and high-aperture optics provide a high quality image throughout the field of view. High resolution Gen-2+ intensifier tube with manual gain control offers bright and vivid images and separate parallax adjustment wheel compensates any optical disparity between the daylight device and the night vision monocular. The construction of the CLS1 attachment bracket and included accessory sleeve allow for quick and safe mounting to the majority of the well-known daylight optics. Monocular has the ability to withstand shock loads of up to 600g.



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Luna Optics LN-NVB Product Sheet


Tube Generation: 2+ Hi-Res

Tube Resolution: 45-57lp/mm

Tube Sensitivity: 350-600 μA/lm

Unit Magnification: 1x

Field of View: 19°

Focusing Distance: 12m - ∞

Objective Lens Type: Glass

Objective Lens Focal Length: 50mm

Effective Aperture Lens: 1:1.2

Objective Lens Diameter: 40mm

Daylight Scope Magnification, Acceptable / Optimum: 1x-10x / 4x-7x

Power Source: 1xCR123A, 3V

Operating Time: 50-55 hrs

Exit Pupil Diameter: 21.2mm

Drift of Pointing Direction when the Unit is Mounted in Front of a Scope: 0,5

Possibility to Mount Directly in Front of the Objective of
the Daylight Sights and Spotting Scopes: Yes

Operating Temperature Range: -30 - +50°C

Degree of Protection According to IEC 60529: IPX6

Dimensions (length x width x height):
138x69x81mm (5.4x2.7x3.2 inches)

Weight: 530g (18.7oz)

Weaver / Picatinny Mount: Included

Accessory Sleeve: Included


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