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Luna Optics LN-PB3 (Night Vision Binoculars)
& LN-ELIR-1 (Extended Range Infrared Laser Illuminator)

Reviewed by Ken Scurry (Scurry Outdoors South) • July 28, 2010

"I wanted to commend  Luna Optics on a couple of your products that I recently field tested during the past few weeks here in Georgia.  First of all I have used various Generation 1 - 3 products from other companies over the years while hunting predators and wild hogs at night throughout the Southeast." 

"I must say that the LN-PB3 Binocular is a very well crafted along with the built in IR Illuminator.  I think that the affordable price and performance this product offers will amaze the most scrutinizeing hunter. I also want to mention the LN-E-LIR-1 Extended Range Infared Laser Illuminator.  This device is a must have to accompany any night vision product." 

"I feel that the quality and price of Luna Optics product line will make night vision available to any hunters budget."

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Luna Optics LN-PRS40 (Rifle Scope) & More - Posted by BlindHunterSupply  •  February 17, 2010

"I have heard the horror stories many guys have had with Gen 1 night vision from users of several different companies and wanted to dispell the myth that there is no good Gen 1 night vision worth a penny! I always search out great products that are a bargain for
hunters that work as good or better than anything on the market, but keeping this apples to apples, Luna has Gen 1 night vision i wanted to let everyone know that really works, and in some cases better than others 2+ stuff. I got these monoculars in a couple weeks ago and so far i hear nothing but praise on their performance and i see it every time i use mine also! I have these in the sponsor section here, you'll see Greg is my first user on here and seemed
satisfied as did his friends that use NV products. My wifes uncle is a cop and ex marine and said all those same things about it. Here is a link i got on Archery Talk from a couple guys who have tried it over there: Archery Talk. So to dispell all the rumors that you need to spend thousands of dollars and it doesn't pay to buy the chevy, so walk until you can
afford the BMW, here is something to think about. Unless you are making a living or saving lives with your night vision, i think most any coyote hunter will love these Luna Gen 1 optics as you all can afford this stuff! Of course for those of you who can afford the best, Luna has the best Gen 2+ stuff out there also. So don't let those who spent too much on Gen 2 or 3 stuff tell you Gen 1 is junk anymore, i'll keep disproving it with every sale and user referrence i get for all
of you to see. Anyone wanting to ask questions about Luna's products please feel free to pm me or contact me thru my website below- thanks!"

Posted by BlindHunterSupply  •  January 30, 2010

"I finally got to see most of Luna's Gen 1 stuff now, i am totally impressed since i looked for the fishbowl effect and fisheyes and i'm happy to say there is none or very little (only some edge distortion with the monocular). The binos are excellent as is the scope and clarity is as good as can be possible for 28 line pairs per mm. I would have a hard time recommending Gen 2 or higher to anyone that doesn't have deep pockets after seeing the quality in this Gen 1 stuff. FYI though, Gen 1 needs a good IR to make it work to longer ranges (100 yards or more)unless you have snow cover, if IR isn't allowed in your areas, then you may need to look towards Gen 2+/3."

Posted by Axman  •  January 30, 2010

"Well the scope he is talking about i have personally(LN-PRS40) and it rocks with the extra IR unit. I can easy see well past 200+ yards and have wasted yotes at 150 or more.I can understand why people would shy away from some of the garbage gen1's that have been on the market..I have tried a lot and was disappointed to say the least,but got lucky and stumbled on the Luna brand and have never looked back.I have had my scope for well over a year and half and have put a lot of hours on it. The unit is as clear as the day i got it. I am almost positive that the scope should at least be good for 2500-3000 hrs easy or more..."

Complete Product Details for the LN-ERS40M (newer model) can be accessed by clicking here.




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