Luna Optics Digital Day / Night Vision





Safe to use Day or Night!

NEW! High-Resolution Full-Color Image Display

NEW! Video Output

Super Lightweight and Compact Design
with Wide Field of View

Built-In Powerful IR Illuminator & Tripod Mount

Precision Image Brightness Adjustment

Our brand-new LN-DM2-HRV digital monocular offers quality optics with wide Field of View in a super compact and lightweight package and now comes standard with brand new High-Resolution full-color display and standard Video Output allowing you to see more and better than ever before and providing new opportunity to view and record images on external video monitors and recorders! Featuring all-digital operation (no tube inside), this product can be used day and night without fear of burning the internal components in bright light. Built-in powerful IR illuminator allows user to peak into the darkest corners at nighttime and a precision brightness control allows to fine-tune the image depending on the available light and preserve the battery power in well-lit conditions.

LN-DM2-HRV features NEW large full-color display with nearly 2.5x higher resolution than the outgoing model, for ultra comfortable viewing and comes with variable brightness toggle wheel, plus ambidextrous one-touch Power and IR illuminator push-buttons with individual light indicators. Attractive duo-tone rubberized body finish is pleasant to the touch and provides secure grip. Monocular comes with the video cable, carry case, allowing shoulder or belt carry and the attached wrist strap.

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Image Magnification: 2x

Objective Lens Aperture: 24mm

Field of View: 12°

Viewing Range: 2-200m (6-624ft)

Video Recording and Resolution: PAL/NTSC (762x504)

Image Display Resolution: 640x480

IR Type/Wavelength: LED / 805-810nm

IR Effective Range: 150m (492ft)

Battery Type and Voltage: 1 x CR123 (3V)

Working Hours (without/with IR): 6 hours / 4 hours

Working Temperature (C/F): -10+50C / 14-122F

Tripod Interface: ¼ inch standard

Dimensions: 138mm x 58mm x 76mm
(5.5" x 2.3" x 3.0")

Weight: 300g (0.6lbs)

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