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Lightweight housing from thermoplastic materials is lighter and more shock-resistant compared to aluminum housings

Built-in rangefinder is able to measure distance up to 700m (optional 1,200m rangefinder model will be available later this year for special orders)

Complex optical sliding eyepiece system allows to control inter-pupillary distance between 58 and 72 mm and features 21 lens-elements in each eyepiece contributing to edge-to-edge clarity. Special eyecups tightly adjoin eyes for comfortable and covert observation

Dual bright light protection system consists of the Intensifier Tube automatic gain control and an additional Light Protection Sensor (LPS), which can immediately cut the power and shut off the unit if it senses presence of a dangerous amount of light

Covert IR system: invisible close-distance IR-illuminator (905nm) provides covert operation in total darkness

Special power switch design prevents accidental operation of built-in IR illuminator assuring covert position. Additionally micro-LED provides IR illuminator and lowbattery indication and is situated in the peripheral ring of the field of view providing additional protection from being detected by anyone using night vision equipment

Momentary IR-on button allows the user to illuminate the observed object for a short period of time thereby further reducing detection probability

Extended range LED or Laser IR illuminator can be attached directly to the top of the unit (models LN-EIR-1 or LN-ELIR-1)

It is possible to use external power supply source, allowing the use of the device in conditions of extremely low temperatures (-20C to -40C), when usual power elements stop operating

Moisture control cartridge is installed in the binocular to remove any moisture from the device in case of its unforeseen depressurization (spare cartridge is included)

Night vision binocular LN-EB5-LRF is a combination of professional quality night vision binocular with fully-integrated precision laser rangefinder with readout in the field of view, which provides additional opportunities for nighttime target observation and unfamiliar terrain orientation. Quality high aperture optics allow object detection at up to 1,000m (1,090yds), and industry-first built-in rangefinder allows user to accurately measure the distance to the observed object. Unit features lightweight, water and shock-resistant body, along with the super-fast light transmitting all-glass objective lens, specifically calculated for the image intensifier tube light spectrum, resulting in the brightest possible image that is also free of peripheral distortion.



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Luna Optics LN-NVB Product Sheet


Tube Generation: 2+ Hi-Res

Tube Resolution (green or white phosphor available): 45-57lp/mm

Tube Sensitivity: 350-600μA/lm

Lenses, Focal Length/mm: F110/1.5mm

Magnification: 5x

Focus :Limit: 10m (33ft) - ∞

Diopter Range: ±4

Inter-Pupillary Distance: 58-72mm

Built-In IR Illuminator: LED 905nm

Supply Voltage/Type of Batteries: 3V/ 2xAA

Operating Time (without IR): 50hrs

Operation Temperature: -20 to+50°C (-4 to 122°F)

Operation Temperature with Optional Remote Source:
-40 to +50°C (-40 to 122°F)

Detection Range (object 0.5m x 1.8 m (Illumination 3x103lux):
up to 1,000m (1,090yds)

Degree of Protection by IEC 60529: IPX4

Dimensions: 284 x 144 x 81mm (11.2 x 5.7 x 3.2 inches)

Weight: 1150g (2.5lbs)


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