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LN-EIR850-2 / LN-EIR850-3
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0.5-450 mW adjustable LED power

850 nm LED offers brighter output/longer range

940 nm LED has less visible spectrum signature

Picatinny/Weaver or 1/4"-20 mounts

3-6° adjustable beam spread (objective ring)

Horizontal & vertical beam adjustments

Continual power output adjustment knob

3-hour operation time at maximum brightness

Robust polymer body with protective black finish

Knurled objective ring, power knob, and battery cap

Weighs only 3.5 oz without battery

Included Accessories: belt carry pouch and beam adjustment

One-Year Limited Warranty


Models LN-EIR850-2 & LN-EIR940-2 Screw Adapter
(fits to models)*:

All G2 Models - All G3 Models

Any model with standard 1/4" tripod mount

* To ensure compatibility, please let us know which model
you plan to fit the illuminator to at the time of order.

Models LN-EIR850-3 & LN-EIR940-3 Weaver/Picatinny adapter:

Fits any standard Weaver /Picatinny rail

  LN-EIR Series LED infrared illuminators increase the visibility range of your night vision devices and improve the chance of your missions' success. These lightweight and durable LED illuminators can be ordered in two infrared wavelength variants, the 850 nm or the 940 nm, and two mounting options, a 1/4"-20 tripod socket or a Picatinny/Weaver mount. To accommodate your particular night vision device, set image brightness, and mitigate battery power consumption, these illuminators offer continually variable power output from 0.5 to 450 milliwatts. For aligning the beam with the field of view of your optic, the illuminator has horizontal and vertical adjustments sockets, and for controlling the beam spread (3-6°), it features a rotating objective lens ring.

Choosing to use these LED infrared illuminators will increase the visibility range up to 164-545 yards, but the actual range value depends on the generation of your NVD, the choice of Luna Optics IR illuminator wavelength, and weather conditions. For longer range, pick the 850nm option, and for illumination with no visible spectrum signature, select the 940nm option.


  TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: See our Product Sheet for full specifications.    

Light Source:  Infrared LED

Wavelength Output Options:  850 nm (LN-EIR850 Series) , 940 nm (LN-EIR940 Series)

Output Power Range:  0.5-450.0 mW

Beam Spread Adjustment Range:  3-6°

Mounting Options:  1/4"-20 tripod socket (LN-EIR-XXX-2), Picatinny/Weaver (LN-EIR-XXX-3)

Dimensions: 4.9 x 1.5 x 1.2 in (127 x 38 x 30 mm)

Housing Material:  Thermoplastic polymer

Weight: 3.5 oz (100 g)

Maximum Visibility Range:
1st Generation NVDs and some Digital NVDs - 164 yds (150 m) (940 nm Series) 218 yds (200 m) (850 nm Series)

2nd Generation and Luna Optics G3 Digital NVDs - 273 yds (250 m) (940 nm Series) 327 yds (300 m) (850 nm Series)

3rd Generation NVDs -436 yds (400 m) (940 nm Series) 545 yds (500 m) (850 nm Series)ax. Range of View Gen-3: 500m/545yds (400m/436yds)

Battery:  One CR123 battery

Operating Time: 3 hours


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