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Compact and lightweight design

Smooth power adjustment rheostat wheel

Fully adjustable beam (width and position along the axis)

Class-I, Eye-Safe 850nm Infrared Laser


Mode LN-ELIR-3 (Picatinny Rail Bracket) fits to:

Weaver or Picatinny rail

Any traditional Image Intensifier

Any Digital Night Vision device







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  Newly updated laser IR illuminator, model LN-ELIR is built from the thermoplastic materials, which are lighter and stronger than aluminum. The unit allows smooth power adjustment with rheostat-style wheel. The beam is fully adjustable along the X/Y axis as well as for the actual beam width.

LN-ELIR-3 fits directly to the Weaver or Picatinny rail and can be used in conjunction with any traditional image intensifier or digital night vision device.

  TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: See our Product Sheet for full specifications.    

Wavelength: 850nm

Power (Class-I): 0.5mW

Beam Width: 0.1°-5° adjustable

Max. Range of View Gen-1: 100m/109yds

Max. Range of View Gen-2+or Digital Night Vision: 150m/164yds

Max. Range of View Gen-3: 250m/273yds

Power: 1x3V Lithium CR123 type

Operating Time (Max Power): 4 hours

Dimensions: 122mm x24mm x31mm (4.8"x0.9"x1.2")

Weight without Bracket: 75g (2.6 Oz)


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