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Compact and lightweight design

Smooth power level adjustment wheel and separate ON/OFF push button

Fully adjustable beam (width and position along the axis)

Class-I, Eye-Safe 785nm Infrared Laser


Model LN-ELIR-2 (Tripod-Size Screw Bracket) fits to:

All Luna G2 and G3 digital night vision models

Any night vision device with the standard ¼" tripod mount

Mode lLN-ELIR-3 (Picatinny Rail Bracket) fits to:

Weaver or Picatinny rail

Any traditional Image Intensifier

Any Digital Night Vision device

  Newly updated laser IR illuminator, model LN-ELIR is built from the thermoplastic materials, which are lighter and stronger than aluminum. The unit employs dual power control system allowing smooth brightness adjustment wheel, which can be left at the desired power level and a separate ON/OFF push button that can instantly fire up the illuminator at the set power level. A low-power LED light indicator allows user to see when the laser is working while staying covert.

Two versions are available:
LN-ELIR-2 (tripod-size screw bracket) – fits to all Luna G2 and G3 digital night vision models, as well as any night vision device with the standard ¼" tripod mount.

LN-ELIR-3 (Picatinny rail bracket) – fits directly to the Weaver or Picatinny rail and can be used in conjunction with any traditional image intensifier or digital night vision device.


  TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: See our Product Sheet for full specifications.    

Wavelength: 785nm

Power (Class-I): 0.5mW

Beam Width: 0.1°-5° adjustable

Max. Range of View Gen-1: 100m/109yds

Max. Range of View Gen-2+or Digital Night Vision: 150m/164yds

Max. Range of View Gen-3: 250m/273yds

Power: 1x3V Lithium CR123 type

Operating Time (Max Power): 4 hours

Dimensions: 122mm x24mm x31mm (4.8"x0.9"x1.2")

Weight without Bracket: 75g (2.6 Oz)


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