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Here is a short YouTube video product review by
Charles Lamoureux, a professional Sky Watcher and
UFO Observer, who has been buying our products for
the past 6+ years and has captured plenty of amazing
footage with them. In this video he is showing off his
latest purchase our LN-G3-M monocular
(2020 model number LN-G3-M50).

“Best Night Vision Monocular 2021”
article by World Birds.

Shared, with permission from Steven Barone.
Subscribe to his YouTube Channel here.

Unknown objects captured in the nighttime sky.
Video comparison between Canon HD camcorder
and our LN-G3-M50 monocular.
Captured by and shared, with
permission from Steven Barone.

Subscribe to his YouTube Channel here.



2560x1440-pixel QHD CMOS sensor

1440p HD video recording

5360x3008-pixel, 16.12 MP images

HD AMOLED-Q, Quad-Pixel display

Full Color, Black & White, 'Night Vision Green Phosphor’
‘Night Vision White Phosphor’ and ‘Amber’ viewing modes

Up to 128GB microSD memory slot

Wi-Fi transmitter for streaming data

iOS, Android via App

Micro-HDMI video-out port



750 mW built-in IR illuminator

All-glass optics with 50mm objective

9° angular field of view

6-36x magnification



3.5-hour on two CR123A batteries

14°F to 122°F working temperature

Ergonomic body & controls

Knurled rings for a sure grip

Folding rubber eyecup

1/40”-20 tripod sockets

Water resistant


Included Accessories:
Daylight color enhancing filter, two CR123A batteries,
a carry case, an 16 GB microSD memory card, USB adapter, 
and HDMI / USB cables


Two-Year Limited Warranty


  Offering all the necessary features for the 21-century outdoorsmen and Sky Watchers, the LN-G3-M50 can make a useful and fun contribution to your arsenal for hunting, bird watching, search and rescue, and stargazing adventures. To blaze through these tasks, the device sports a capable Quad-HD CMOS image sensor, color 1920x1080 widescreen HD AMOLED-Q display, Wi-Fi streaming capability, ample 128 GB storage capacity, IR illuminator, and all-glass optics. Using its enhancements, you will be able to capture high-resolution 16.12 MP still images and 1440p QHD videos with rates of up to 60 fps. In addition to viewing in full color, black/white, NVD Green / White Phosphor and our newly released Amber color modes or saving and streaming data to your mobile device, you can also connect to an HD TV display or a video recorder. To ensure clarity and detail, the 50mm objective is made from optical glass, and to provide improved long range night visibility, the monocular offers a powerful 750mW IR illuminator.

Whether you plan to visit a hot desert or to head north, this temperature- and weather-resistant monocular will perform well while also providing an ergonomic and slip-free handling experience. For mounting on tripods it also offers built-in 1/40"-20 sockets.

  TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: See our Product Sheet for full specifications.    

Image Sensor:  2560x1440-pixel QHD CMOS sensor

Sensor Sensitivity:  0.002 lux

Still Image Resolution:  5360x3008, 16.12 MP

Video Resolution: 60 fps: FHD; 30 fps: FHD, QHD, 3MHD, HD

Display:  1280x720 HD AMOLED-Q, Widescreen display

Display Size:  0.38 in (0.97 cm)

Optical System:  50mm, f/1.0, multicoated glass

Magnification:  6x-36x

Minimum Focus Distance:  2.6 ft (80 cm)

Field Of View:  9°

IR Illuminator:  850nm, 750 mW

Night Viewing Range:  654yds (600m)

Memory:  Micro-SD card, up to 128GB

Power:  Two CR123A batteries, micro-USB port

Operating Time:  3.5 hours on CR123A batteries

Operating Temperature:  14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C)

Water Resistance:  Yes

Dimensions:  6.7 x 3.1 x 2.5 in (180 x 80 x 60 mm)

Weight:  18oz (510g)


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