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LN-G3-RS50 Gen-3 Digital Technology Day / Night Vision Riflescope Product Image 1


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HD AMOLED-Q Quad-Pixel widescreen image display!

Blu-ray quality video recording and 12.2MP still image camera!

Ultra-powerful IR Illuminator & industry-first multi-controller!

Full-color, b&w or Night Vision green image

Multiple reticles with quick zeroing feature

Quick-detach weapon mount

  PG3-RS50 is our first dedicated Flagship Series HD Riflescope! State-of-the-art widescreen AMOLED-Q display with brilliant resolution and contrast provides unmatched direct viewing experience! On-board Blu-Ray Quality Video recording, 12.2MP still image camera (the highest in the industry) and quick transition between Full-Color, black & white and Night Vision Green image make this riflescope a great 24/7 performer! Industry-first multi-controller allows for quick and user-friendly menu selection and reticle zeroing in the field. Precision optics with 6x optical magnification are combined with up to 36x electronic image zoom! Ultra-powerful, focusing IR illuminator provides illumination up to 400m in total darkness! Device features built-in electronic reticle with choice of 5 different patterns (each available in 5 different colors) and a quick "Reticle-To-Zero" function. Built-in USB port allows for use of commonly available power banks extending the operating time. Unit comes with a Quick-Detach Weapon Mount, Carry Case, Daylight Color Enhancing Filter, 8GB micro-SD card, USB Adapter, HDMI and USB cables. Riflescope is designed for rimfire and small centerfire calibers, such as .223REM/5.56 NATO, 5.45x39Russian, .300BLK (subsonic only!) and others with free recoil energy of less than or equal to 4.5 ft.-lbs. Not suitable for large centerfire calibers.


LN-G3-RS50 Gen-3 Digital Technology Day / Night Vision Riflescope Product Image 2

  TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: See our Product Sheet for full specifications.    

Sensor Type / Resolution / Sensitivity: Full-HD CMOS /1920x1080 /0.005lux

Image Display: 0.38" HD AMOLED-Q (Quad-Pixel) 1280x720

Still Image resolution: 4032x3024 (12.2MP)

Video resolution: 1080p(60fps); 720p(60fps/30fps); WVGA(60fps); VGA(60fps)

Signal Output: PAL / NTSC

Image Magnification: 6x-36x

Objective Lens: 50mm (f1.0)

Focusing Distance: 80cm (2.6ft) - ∞

Viewing Distance (Total Darkness): 400m (436yds)

IR Illuminator: LED 850nm (750mW)

Field Of View: 9°

Memory: Micro SD card, up to 128GB (FAT32 format)

External Wi-Fi: Android/iOS

Power: 2 x 3V Lithium (CR123A or rechargeable)

Operating Time: 3.5hrs

Operating Temperature: -10+50C (14-122F)

External Power: Micro-USB, 5V/2A




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