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Compact, all-aluminum body

High-quality all-glass optics contribute to minimal light loss

New power supply for super long battery life

Head mask with flip-up feature is included

Built-in IR illuminator with adjustable beam and LPS Light Protection System

Our most popular Gen-1 goggles feature newly updated design with all-aluminum body. Also updated is our signature LPS Light Protection System with built-in active sensor constantly measuring the amount of ambient light and preventing unit from being turned on during daylight, which prevents tubes' damage and prolongs tubes' life. A revised power supply allows use of commonly available CR123 batteries. Unchanged are the topgrade hand-selected intensifier tubes and all-glass multi-coated optics. A comfortable head-mask with the chin retention and a flip-up feature and a multi-compartment carry case are standard.

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Luna Optics LN-NVB Product Sheet


Intensifier Tube: Generation-1 (High-Resolution), Grade-A

Sensitivity: 280-300 μA/lm

Resolution: 32-38lp/mm

Light Protection: Active LPS Sensor

Magnification: 1x

Field of View: 40°

Objective Lens: f1.1/26mm

IR Illuminator: 805nm / 40mW

Inter-Pupillary Distance: 64 +/-5 mm

Diopter Adjustments: +/-4

Dimensions: 130mm/113mm/68mm
(5.2" x 4.4" x 2.6")

Weight: 480g (17oz)

Power: 1x3V Lithium (CR123 type)

Operating Time: Up to 120hrs (without IR)

Warranty: 1 yea


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