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The new standard in compact night vision weapon sights

Variety of Hi-Res Gen-III Intensifier Tubes available, including ITT Pinnacle & L3 OMNI-VIII

Variable gain control

Automatic gain control

Illuminated Mil-Dot reticle with variable brightness control

Operates on 1xCR123 battery

AD Quick Disconnect Picatinny mount included

Luna Optics LN-SPRS-3-MINI Riflescope  
Luna Optics and Ident Marking are proud to introduce a brand-new Compact Special Purpose Riflescope with super-fast 80mm objective lens providing Distortion-Free 3.1x magnified image for long distance observation even in the darkest of nights! A variety of Hand-Selected High-resolution Gen-III intensifier tubes are available, including Pinnacle & OMNI-VIII with either Green or WP phosphors. The standard Mil-Dot reticle illumination can be adjusted for brightness. Automatic gain control regulates image brightness according to the ambient conditions. The distance focusing wheel is on top of the unit to eliminate excessive shaking of the scope while focusing on the target. Scope's power supply operates on 1x3V Lithium battery. Unit comes standard with American Defense modular base mount featuring patented QD Auto Lock™ level system. Optional mounts (D-LOC, LaRue™, Weaver, AK and others are available upon request). Easy-to-install optional Extended Range IR illuminators (attachment bracket fits either models LN-EIR-2 / LN-ELIR-2 or LN-EIR-3 / LN-ELIR-3, or any IR illuminator with Weaver/Picatinny mount) allow for operation in total darkness!

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Luna Optics LN-NVB Product Sheet


Intensifier Tube: Gen-III (ITT / L3 Omni-VIII)

Typical Sensitivity: 2,000 μA/lm

Typical Resolution: 64-72lp/mm

Typical SNR: 26-30

Typical FOM: 1700

Image Gain: Automatic

Magnification: 3.1x

Objective Lens: f1.5/80

Field Of View: 12°

Focusing Range: 10m (32.8ft) - ∞

Typical Viewing distance: 600m (1,926ft)

Reticle Type: Illuminated MIL-DOT

Reticle Color: RED, Variable brightness

Reticle Adjustments (1 click): 1/3 MOA at 100yds

Recoil: ITT tube (5.56mm NATO)
L3 Tube (6.8mm-7.62mm NATO)

Dimensions: 238mm/96mm/91mm
(9.2" x 3.7" x 3.6")

Weight: 780g (1.7lbs)

Power: 1x3V Lithium (CR123)

Operating Time: 30hrs

Operating Temperature: (-30C+50C) (-22F+122F)

Warranty: 2 year


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