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Built-in 600m laser range finder

Two types of objectives: F75

Optical magnification 5.0x

Digital zoom 4x

Detection range up to 1700m

Video output

Information about settings and device status is situated in the field of view

Inversion of image color is possible

Possibility to use external power source (12V)

Manual adjustments of sensor amplification and micro display brightness

Moisture-control cartridge

Possibility to mount to a standard ¼" tripod

Our new thermal binoculars are intended to be used for observation, search and detection in a great variety of ambient conditions (daylight, twilight, nighttime) as well as limited visibility (fog, snow, rain etc.). It allows detection of movable and still objects, which have temperature contrasting with environment, (people, animals, buildings, vehicles, etc.). This binocular may also be used to find heat leaks, electrical lines and detect heating devices in a variety of residential and commercial applications. Built-in industry-first laser rangefinder provides accurate distance measurements up to 600m.





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Sensor, Array Format/Pixel Pitch: 384 x 288 / 17 µm

Lenses, Focal Length, mm: F75

Magnification: 5.0x

Digital Zoom: 4x
Angle of Vision: 6.2° x 4.6°

Diopter Adjustment: ± 4

Eye Relief Distance: 25mm

Spectral Response: 8-14

Frame Rate: 50Hz

Palette Invert: Black Hot / White Hot

Power Supply (type of batteries): 9V / 3xCR123A

Operating Time (at 20°C): 6hrs

Operating Temperature Range, °C
(with remote source): -20 / +50

Detection Range (human object 1.8m): min 1,200m
(min 1,700m)

Built-in Rangefinder Measurement Range: 10 – 600m

Degree of Protection According to IEC 60529 (by order): IPX7

Dimensions, mm: 165 x 139 x 66

Weight, kg: 1.4

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