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Built-in range finder with effective distance up to 600m

Optical magnification 3.5x

Digital zoom 2x

Detection range up to 1700m

Resistance to shock load up to 600g

5 types of aiming reticles with brightness control

Inversion of image color is possible

Information about settings and device status is situated in the field of view

It is possible to use external power source (12V)

Manual adjustment of sensor amplification and micro display brightness

Compact and lightweight

Various mounting systems available

Simple and reliable system with classical mechanical adjustments eliminates the complexity of digital

menu buttons allowing for precise and easy adjustments in the field

Comprehensive eye relief

Thermal imaging sight LN-TRS35-LRF is intended to be used for observation, search, detection and shooting in a great variety of ambient conditions (daylight, twilight, nighttime) as well as limited visibility (fog, snow, rain etc.). It allows detection of movable and still objects, which have temperature contrasting with environment, (people, animals, buildings, vehicles, etc.) The sight allows for precise aiming with the built-in reticles, as well as industry-first accurate distance measuring with the use of built-in laser rangefinder, allowing for precise shot placement in conditions where other optical sights, including traditional night vision sights are not able to function well. Another unique feature of these sights is their user-friendly controls, which rely on combination of classical mechanical switches and just a few push buttons allowing for very quick learning process and easy and comfortable field use, even with gloves. Each sight undergoes rigorous testing for the shock levels allowing it to be used on most popular hunting calibers up to and including .300WIN MAG.





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Sensor, Array Format / Pixel Pitch: 384 x 288 / 17 µm

Objective Focal Length, mm: F50

Magnification: 3.5x

• Digital Zoom: 2x

Field of View: 9.3°x7°

Diopter Adjustment: ±4

Eye Relief Distance: 55mm

Spectral Response: 8-14

Frame Rate: 50Hz

Palette Invert: Black Hot / White Hot

Power Supply (type of batteries): 6V / 2xCR123A

Operating Time (at 20°C): 3.5hrs

Operating Temperature Range, °C: -20 / +50

Detection Range (object 0.5x 1.8m): min 1200m

Built-in Night Rangefinder, Measurement Range/Accuracy, m: up to 600/ ±1

Maximum Impact Load, g: 600

Quantity Installed Reticle Marks: 5

Quantity User Memory Settings : 5

Degree of Protection According to IEC 60529
(by special order) : IPx5

Dimensions, mm: 240 x 90 x 81

Weight, kg: 0.85

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